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TICT Computer Education is conveniently situated in Ayyalur. If you are deciding the best place for maximizing your knowledge, then you have come to the right spot.

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TICT Computer Education, we understand the market needs better than anyone else and train the students with variety of ammunitions that would help them

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With TICT Computer Education, you can be sure of receiving training that significantly increases your understanding retention and ability to apply new knowledge and skills

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We are so confident in our ability to deliver reliable, effective training that unless you feel 100% satisfied that TICT Computer Education delivered even more.


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Our training methods and topics are up to date and set according to the most current find bride requirements. At our IT training centre, we have a combination of highly trained teachers and good lab facilities.


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This course is suitable for beginners & An Experience people or people who are new to Software Technologies & Development world. After the completion of this course the candidate will be able to identify the Good functionality of Software Development


Do you have a talent for using the computer and an eye for design? Then you might consider rebooting your career by highlighting and clicking on the emerging new field of multimedia technology.

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